Silicone Head Toilet Brush

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This Modern Toilet Brush which uses 360 Degree Soft and Durable Silicone Bristles is the Perfect Tool for Every Bathroom!




Clean Design Fits Any Bathroom




Won't Scratch the Surface of Toilet Bowl



Non-Slip and Ergonomic Handle 



Comes with an Elegant Base to Easily Store Brush, Once finished using





- 360 Degree Soft and Sturdy Silicone Bristles for Easy Cleaning

- Reduces Odour / Bacteria

- Soft TPR Technology 

- Easy to Clean and Install

- Won't Scratch Surface of Toilet Bowl

- Non-Slip Ergonomically Designed Handle



- 1 x Toilet Brush

- 1 x Toilet Brush Base 

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Silicone Head Toilet Brush