Hercules Magic Foamer

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The Hercules Magic Foamer will allow you to clean high windows and screens in minutes leaving them streak and spot free! Whether you need to quickly clean the patio furniture, cars or boat, this will allow you a quick and easy solution by connecting straight to your regular garden hose!


.       Includes 1 BONUS Sachet

·       Adjustable nozzle for high pressure

·       Simply attach to your garden hose and spray to use

·       Cleans away dirt, dust, pollen, and grime

·       Valve switches between wash and rinse

·       Reaches up to 8 metres

·       945ml capacity


.       Single Piece includes: 1 x Magic Foamer & 1 x Sachet 

.       2 Pack Includes: 2 x Magic Foamer & 2 x Sachets 

.       Extra Sachets Available for purchase!

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Hercules Magic Foamer

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