Collapsible Pedi Foot Spa

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Rejuvenate, Exfoliate Massage!






This all-in-one foot spa combines heat therapy, vibration, and bubble massage to help relieve fatigue and massage the meridians.




The heating system maintains constant water temperature for comfort and circulation.




This All in 1 Foot Spa uses an innovative handle design and a unique flat foldable design for easy storage.






  • Bottom Surface Embedded with anti-slip Bumps also act as a Callous Scrubber
  •  Provides Heat therapy, Vibration, and Bubble massage
  • Sturdy Rubber Feet Prevents Wobbling and Movement
  • High-grade Plastic with Temperature Resistance
  •  Ergonomically Designed for Personal Use
  •  Splash Guard to Avoid any Spills
  •  Easy Grip Handle on Side
  •  Collapsible


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Collapsible Pedi Foot Spa

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